Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i differ but do not beg.
and with that there is no counter.
the verdict is in.
the jig is up.
the suspect as expected.
breathes bleeds and wreaks of guilt.
but knows no shame.
the victim's soul.
once blue and black.
stood self convicted.
the Guilty pled her insanity.
she did concede.
took his fall.
and did believe.
she did inflict.


there is a control
so calm
this cruelty
i dont need to yell
i state
the outdated
pass-due revelation

i feel clean

my blood is not boiling
no you cant even get it to simmer

so must we deem this honesty cruelty?
for the intent does say otherwise
these words shared may be years belated
but never is not an option
thus i inform

so foul a creature
so sneaky a scoundrel
the sorriest of soul

i do not pity

rather slumber
on the whitest bed-sheets
because i feel so cleansed