Monday, September 29, 2008

goodbye mexico

you must be postponed
but the good news is
tio poncho will be much more pleased with that news

im a mess

Sunday, September 28, 2008


and im running this one a little different
nothing is definite
influenced by clocks
and the Lord gives me comfort in that
all the while waiting for something to go awry
praying for softer words
and a smoother touch
only to flatter
and woo
all together now
and we're not
i fear this wit only baffles
but i beg you listen
that have i not adored a soul
so true for such a time
just to let you know. there may have been a chance i was wrong.
a moment told me so. now moments run by and whisper other things to me.

pretty words havent found me in a long time. im in need of inspiration. only life inspires. love too. but what's more is rollercoasters.

so ill inform you that the oldest rollercoaster. that i frequented in my young age. and made me more sick, than not. found me again. it's to the point where i'd like to tell him. "i told you so." but something tells me that's not what i should say. why was i not surprised. why was i. but the good news is i find my actions smarter than before. nevermind the late night visits. not even an option, from either passenger. just lending my two ears, and inhaling deeply. and this euphemism feels old, and stupid now. so comforting.

life reminds me who not to be like. what to achieve, and what to avoid. and already these words seem to run out, without a point. not even worth questioning.

but what id like to tell you
im too shy. too unsure. so maybe i can reword the events. maybe i can just say it. maybe.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

backtracking may suit me fine. it's all id like to do. all id like to unsay. because im too unsure, and then that towel showed up at my doorstep late last night. along with that minor dilemma that will solve itself. but i feel unsolved, and too curious. searching for more words because i am still human, no matter the prayer. it follows suit, and i pray you forget what i said before. alas, this is so trite. but you are the finest production. yet. to grace my path. and follow my skin. pushing for a past tense(d). i left the security blanket in your bed. intuition sneaks up on a girl. intuition and insecurity. necessary for life, but so destructive, so misunderstood. maybe i misspoke. taking ques to redirect, reselect.

but i could always be wrong.

and that would be just fine with me.

Friday, September 19, 2008

letting my ghost sleep tonight
ill just shut my eyes
and he'll leave me
that wretched ghost
whose kiss was never sweet
never soft
and never worth another

these times
remember that vivid reflection, happenstance, lover
even here, even now
that same reminder that soothes your throat
and awakens, no simply reminds
a reminder that is not friendly
nor harsh
only empty and lost,

woo the crowds
show love's lost
show off
a charm so quick witted
this beauty
triggers repentance
even if by word of mouth

while a head rustles up an attack
because my dear said, apathy will kill you, not hate
these embers
get lost in my wilderness
giving this greenery away

i hope she
shows you a thing or two
about the way lips should collide
teasing those secrets
that only two bodies can share

that girl you found

just a note
to remind you
im alive
and kicking
full of words to be shared
but too busy to put them in order

"my those quiet eyes become you."

but time will meet me soon enough
and we'll be wrapped into each other
and ill lock hands with words
and spread them around

just not

Thursday, September 11, 2008


this is fantastic
worth the crave
there is no bitter bite

"please sir
may i have some more"

or just pretty
and this is the best part of all

no. no. no.
let me rephrase this.
the point is.
im at a loss for words.