Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"do you want to go to the seaside?"

at night, when the cars pass by the road nearest my window, i listen and pretend they sound like waves brushing against the sand.

in the morning when the birds chirp, i close my eyes and pretend i am six years old again. when i go outside there will be a big green hill that i can roll down for hours.
when you roll down a hill, it's hard to control your direction. i like that. the only goal is the bottom of the hill. and if youre brave enough youll make sure your speed is so quick that you lose your sense of up and down.

when i drive to wherever, on whichever freeway, i debate throwing all responsibilities to the wind and heading for the coast.
every day i do this.
i blame the sun and its rays. in all its glory, it beckons me.

this sun has been such a tease. im not asking for heat, just more sun and the ocean. my desire was sparked and is now a rising flame. i want to leave and not tell you or you and especially not you.
not for very long.
just long enough to see a new day.