Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i feel a terrifying softness within me coming to surface. a softness coerced by a gentle acceptance and remorse.
then a resilient bitterness harks, you know better.
oh but this soft forgiveness reminds me this is who you are. the fire always a'glow, the sun no longer casts its shadow,

the softness murmurs a gentle hint, with which bitterness agrees.
if you cannot erase, i say replace.
create a new memory to yield its place.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

walk the line

as of late ive noticed myself walking fine lines.

where are these lines? (they sneak up out of no where.)

are they boundaries? or meant for guidance?

am i supposed to walk the line?
can i cross it? (would you mind?)
do these lines intersect? (can we?)
do they run parallel? (will we never touch?)

and most of all do they have an end?
these lines are tangled. and so am i.