Friday, February 8, 2008

i despise your voice
louder, louder, and louder
watching you tromp up the stairs
it gives me chills,
they travel slowly, painfully
up my spine

you people referring to me as my people, my sort, my kind
i am me, nothing else
i am not here to cater to your supposed inabilities
a service, mind you
not a wait on you hand-and-foot
my tolerance is short with your kind
the over, and un,
privileged, deserving, grateful
sort, kind, people.

i am not sorry
and i do not feel sorry for you
my stone face tells you what you want to see
my genuine face reads im equal
how dare i

a dearest gal, unforgettable
there's no doubt
put it best
"she is a heinous bitch"
and the rest of you get under my skin
so deep down
i am a short fuse
with the cruelest intention


sarah russell said...

love you.
talk to you soon.

Sarah Beilke said...

i think i know exactly who this is about. well put.

you are an incredible writer.
love reading your stuff.