Thursday, March 12, 2009


i do declare the state of being
to be sprawled and exposed
disre-g[u]arded is the shape of her body
she breathes
what was confided
to only take away
an arrogant confidence
can you blame him kinda girl
beings drunk away
now she cowers like a stupid teenage girl
full blown with insecurity and hatred
relying on signs
and consistency because it's inconsistent
rather than the air
that snagged so many
those are yesteryears just yesterday
a word would keep her going for days
a look for weeks
and both for months
now she has it all
to keep her going
but she's gone
she doesnt believe
his air he longs to breathe
to reshape her body
he does declare

1 comment:

sarah russell said...

you kill me. seriously.
PLEASE make a poetry book at of all of these.