Wednesday, August 27, 2008

days come more often than a fairy-tale-ordered heart would have ever thought. because it should have never been. that heart was only lying. it played so many games, created the best excuses and why fors. never listening to those quaint thoughts, especially those harsh words. set aside. those what ifs that could have never been; are now. now on the look out for a new closure. wishing to hold your hand, square eyed, "yes i understand, my lost." this heart was never fickle. always one answer, always one drive. as it so deceives. i forgive it and myself. right? forgiven. you are next. but mostly gone. how did you know. always knew. and so did i. but we knew so different. and found paths to justify them both. as i pant slowly, washed up. while the waves sing their only song. lost battle. war games. and word wars. a defeat which rewrote the future.