Monday, August 11, 2008

i wrote this for us

i love this feeling. the new feelings you get from meeting new people. learning the way they move, and how you can move to better suit their movement.
listening to commonalities. and differences. hoping to agree on only the most important things, but so still either way.
i am at ease.
and feel beautiful.
there is more to be had. and i will have it.
im listening to this new music. and it makes me feel like i could be in love. at any moment.
but the right moment. tomorrow, months, or years from now.
but i am in love.
with hope. it's defined me.
there is warm hot chocolate around the corner, waiting to be sipped and held so tightly.
a child down the street waits for the perfect moment to sit straight up, turn their head, and smile.
for that perfect picture.
i know, they told me she would.
it's a freshness.
a new haircut that is more than acceptable.
tasting colour from your lips.

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