Monday, April 26, 2010

erika's letter.

dear erika.

you are leaving. and it feels like it is time.
this time it feels right. you leaving.

i owe you this. i owe you this much.
you deserve to read what i feel.
how much i feel for you.

in my wakened weak.
there is you. i look for you.
to hear my weak.
for every word i do share.
you know there must be more.
and though you so care.
because you do care.
you do not beg for more behind latent words.
you let them be.
you let me be.
your ears are the pathway to your soul.
inside you compartmentalize all that you hear.
all you that feel but do not understand.
you set this there and that here.
to help you understand.
you tell happiness to stand next to emptiness.
next to desire you file passion.
so that one day.
you will understand.
and so will they.
how they belong hand-in-hand.

you dream in color.
and have seen many shades of my pain.
because if you dream in color.
you know the bold red that reveals my cruelest desire.
and still you show me no shame.

you see through my masks and say.
honey, today you are beautiful.
tomorrow you will be too.
just like yesterday.

you are an unconditional lover.
and you are my best friend.


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