Tuesday, May 4, 2010

intimate infatuation.

i am infatuated with intimacy.

my infatuation with this is specific to a disconnection connected.
such as eye contact eye held too long with a stranger.
we want to feel, and be felt.
people look forward to it, it makes a girl's day, and gives a boy just a bit more confidence.

i know we just met but i want to put my hand on the small of your back.
the connection, the surprise, and the discomfort of a line crossed forms the brief and intimate bond.

allowing yourself to be fed by another. you are vulnerable for those two seconds.
i am crossing that line. and you just let me.

a question that sincerely asks "but why?" sincerity in a head cocked to your comfort.
a face that reads through your longer pause.

can you feel it?
i know we just met. but this is all so beautiful.
and you just let me cross your lines. so here are mine.

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