Sunday, May 30, 2010

honesty, you beauty.

honesty is so much more beautiful than hiding behind silent lies.
i do not want to hide from what i want anymore.
if i want to talk to a person, they should know, and i will tell them.
if i miss a person. i will tell them with the sincerest eyes.
if i feel negative toward a person, i will let them know with my heart on my sleeve.

this is beauty and intimacy. even if it's not reciprocated, the honesty that is, it's still a rare form of beauty. though honesty unrequited is another sadness.

a vulnerability expressed should not go ignored. it should be relished. understood. held in your arms and rocked to sleep. why dont we all do this? we should take extra moments to validate a worried heart, a tormented soul, a wounded spirit, a mind going a thousand miles an hour, feeling empowered or discarded...yes, you too, should be validated.

i am a new woman.
an honest[er] woman.
and you are the same. you are not new and not changed, not quite yet. youve yet to see the beauty that honesty radiates.
so my love, i simply feel sorrow. so much sorrow for a person's inability to know honesty on a first name basis.

one day your hands will be rid of all the dishonesty youve felt, built, and hidden behind. dishonesty's tales will be untold. and honesty will piece together the true story of a dishonest life lived by a conflicted soul.
youll desire to share your honesty, in all its newness. and my dishonest friend, i will be here to validate all the secrets honesty revealed to you about yourself and everything else.

with a God-given softness i will repeat the honesty you never heard in your years of dishonesty. and you will hear it and ask for more; never to shy away from the pain that comes with honesty.

honesty will come out the beautiful victor. and every person sharing theirs will be heard and validated. how honest, you healed soul, they'll say.


Andy Lund said...

Thank you. So much. And I'm sorry for my silence. I love you, stranger.

aliciaaaa said...

thanks for reading.
do i know you?