Wednesday, June 18, 2008

and now for the real news

i'm tired of the small stuff
it doesnt last
or happens again
and im back to where i began
and that's how the story goes
so im refocused redirected to what matters
my family
my mom and i

things are rough in our house nowadays. i've never liked talking about it, but the older i get, the more real the issues get. it's the same issue -- money.
and it makes me so sad to see my mom struggle this much. to see her so humbled. she's had bad money skills since i can remember. when i was 6 or 7 i think that's when she filed bankruptcy for the first time.
anyways. she's in deep. i feel like it's my fault because ive been needing help lately to pay for school. my mom currently is working THREE jobs. no 47 year-old woman should still have to work 3 jobs just to keep food in the house.
so i'm getting another job, if not two other jobs. we'll see how it works out. im in constant prayer. i just want to be strong for her, and let her know i'll always support her in any way that i can.
we might lose the house, and/or the new jeep. not her new jeep, i plead. she's wanted it for so long. worked so hard to get the down payment. but life happens and so do mistakes. she's also worked so hard to keep the house.
man. i feel like im down playing just how tragic this is for her. i mean, i know i'll be okay. though, im stressed and want to make it all better. all i know to offer is prayer, and hard work. because ill be damned if my mother works three jobs for over two months.

anyways. im off to work for now. and i have interviews tomorrow. a couple of em. pray for us. pray for peace for my mother. and i know God will find a way.

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sarah russell said...

i will be praying.
i love you.
and your mother.