Thursday, June 12, 2008


and i feel more relieved than ever before
the weirdest thing about have some kind of traumatic experience is how your mind and body responds
you find yourself just sitting and staring sometimes
not even sure of how you get to the next thought
or what that thought may be about
but youre content
however if you had not just experienced something upsetting
your mind would tell you that you were bored just sitting there
you might even be nervous
or antsy
and the world tells you to do something with your thoughts
and God tells you to do something else

today i feel accomplished
like i accomplished something that i never thought would be done
but it is

and i feel euphoric
i tell you
and i wish i could tell you what i accomplished
but i do not wish to disclose that
but id love to
you should ask
and i might tell
you in person
because i never thought this would come
and i never thought id be so content

and i wont listen to angry music
and ask you to agree with me
and search for guidance
because i Listened
though, it was not where i thought it would go
but it did
and i understand
i am happy

almost found a bike today
which almost made me happier
but no one would help me
ill get one
just you wait and see
my plan is to get a fairly cheap, but new one
see how often i use it
and if i use it a ton

i apologize for my head being everywhere
this wont last
and ill be able to put it all into prettier words

1 comment:

sarah russell said...

i want to know about this.
so monday, during the party, we can sneak away into my bedroom for a little bit and you can fill me in. because, ms. gumdrop, i love you.