Wednesday, June 11, 2008

dont make a sound

if id ever been unlucky enough to get a swirly in junior high
i bet this is what my brain would feel like afterward
or at least something like it

i bought bloc party-silent alarm again
it's feels remarkable and powerful to be together again
speaking of being reunited
today carissa and i are hanging out
just like when we were BFFs from 7th grade and on
im excited
and thankful for God teaching us forgiveness and unconditional love
because she lights up my life
do you ever feel like youve cheated on God?
with just pleasures in life, that you werent strong enough to say no to
well ive felt like that before
and after reading Hosea
it brought old things to light even more
im thankful
but my brain is going all sorts of ways
and im babbling
in the best of alicia's ways
im also a little annoyed
and wish i were strong enough to say "NO MORE"
or "i hate you" or "you suck."
none of which would be true coming from my mouth to who id like to say it to
but one can dream
but for now
i love you all
for now ;)

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