Tuesday, July 8, 2008

family. familia.

so today my grandma made it to our house. we traveled to storage scavenging for an old phone to replace my broken one. my mom seriously had like the old 80's cell phones still. we finally found one that might do, but i think it's broken too.

tomorrow one of my...3rd? yes 3rd cousins will arrive. i pick him up from the airport in the early morrow. he's the kind who cannot be tamed. his heart is wild, and his head is worse. he's lived everywhere and then some.

thursday ramona finally gets here. thank the Lord. i will not be able to survive our hundreds of family that i do not know without her. i want us to do something sporadic. but that cannot be planned, so ill just stop talking about it right now.

all this family for a three day family reunion. we have tons of family coming from all over just for these three days in washington. my mom and other family has put soooo much effort into it, so i hope it goes swimmingly.

today my mom made refried beans. made some tortillas and there was lunch and dinner. it smells like the freshed of mexican food in my house. and i cannot get enough of it. hopefully i'll be able to document the three day reunion by photo.

in other news. im really trying to go to mexico soon. maybe september. october. maybe all of those months plus two. if i can, ill take a quarter or two down there. the thing is i just really need to get to know my dad's family. it's been weighing on my heart. i also want to learn to speak spanish fluently. and they barely speak english, so it's perfect. when im a teacher i want to be a spanish speaking teacher, just to be more flexible. when my phone starts to work again im going to talk to my uncle about it.

that's enough rambling.

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