Sunday, July 6, 2008

happy fourth of july

this weekend was spectacular
i dont know why
i havent had this pleasurable of a weekend in a looong time
i was with people i loved constantly

on friday we had a nice party at erikas
with the best fireworks show in the U.S.
serrah almost killed everyone
i got to dance with sparklers
and so did everyone else
many clever remarks were shared
we made a nice spiked punch
and i ate a bison hamburger.

saturday i spent my $25 gift card at barnes and noble. i got:
a cocktail book,
how to make all kinds of soup book,
and viva la vida
well spent not-my-money
we three shared words, and watched a movie.

then i got dressed up with my girls from work.
ate thai, my first time.
looked sexy.
had excellent, well priced drinks.
and i won a free chocolate cake for beating the waiter in a "mind game."

went back to erikas.
snuggled in bed.
shared words for a couple hours.
and then fell asleep to Hook.

today i went to a bbq with the work girls.
played cricket
ate another hot dog
corn on the cob
i was definitely the best cricket player
relaxed in the sun
and now my hair smells like the outdoors

i feel very blessed to have such a happy weekend

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