Friday, July 4, 2008

oh chipper

but most importantly
i need to be with kids
im going crazy
i feel so under-stimulated.
so useless

a couple of days ago i saw a kid's parents, from YMCA camp. i was so excited, even though he wasn't with them. we'll call him "jeremy." and i told them to tell "jeremy" i said hello. and that i missed him. he was always one of my favorite older kids. a kid that made me happy, and made me feel like i was good at what i was doing. plus he was pretty nice to my younger group. so i adored him. everyone knew it. his parents knew it. they joked about him always having a crush on me. i wished them the best, we talked briefly about camp, and my night was made. i told everyone i knew about how excited it made me.

well. two days later, while i was doing my best to stop these stinky women from stealing our 60%, dirt cheap, sandals "jeremy" walked in! he told me about camp this year. told me all of the kids that were there. apparently his parents had told him they saw me, Chipper (my camp name), and he came up with a sneaky way to visit me. i could not have been happier. i spent about five minutes talking to him. in awe of how mature he had gotten over a 9 month period. i do not think i could have had a better two days at work, thanks to him.

i resolve to always find a way to work with kids. even if it's just volunteer. you know, before i am a teacher.
it makes me the happiest person alive to be with youth.,, people who are satisfied with just playing outside. hearing the same stories over and over again. ah i just feel so empty without kids in my life right now.

and this feeling must be quenched.

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