Friday, September 19, 2008

letting my ghost sleep tonight
ill just shut my eyes
and he'll leave me
that wretched ghost
whose kiss was never sweet
never soft
and never worth another

these times
remember that vivid reflection, happenstance, lover
even here, even now
that same reminder that soothes your throat
and awakens, no simply reminds
a reminder that is not friendly
nor harsh
only empty and lost,

woo the crowds
show love's lost
show off
a charm so quick witted
this beauty
triggers repentance
even if by word of mouth

while a head rustles up an attack
because my dear said, apathy will kill you, not hate
these embers
get lost in my wilderness
giving this greenery away

i hope she
shows you a thing or two
about the way lips should collide
teasing those secrets
that only two bodies can share

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