Tuesday, September 23, 2008

backtracking may suit me fine. it's all id like to do. all id like to unsay. because im too unsure, and then that towel showed up at my doorstep late last night. along with that minor dilemma that will solve itself. but i feel unsolved, and too curious. searching for more words because i am still human, no matter the prayer. it follows suit, and i pray you forget what i said before. alas, this is so trite. but you are the finest production. yet. to grace my path. and follow my skin. pushing for a past tense(d). i left the security blanket in your bed. intuition sneaks up on a girl. intuition and insecurity. necessary for life, but so destructive, so misunderstood. maybe i misspoke. taking ques to redirect, reselect.

but i could always be wrong.

and that would be just fine with me.

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sarah russell said...

I NEED to hear from you.