Sunday, September 28, 2008

just to let you know. there may have been a chance i was wrong.
a moment told me so. now moments run by and whisper other things to me.

pretty words havent found me in a long time. im in need of inspiration. only life inspires. love too. but what's more is rollercoasters.

so ill inform you that the oldest rollercoaster. that i frequented in my young age. and made me more sick, than not. found me again. it's to the point where i'd like to tell him. "i told you so." but something tells me that's not what i should say. why was i not surprised. why was i. but the good news is i find my actions smarter than before. nevermind the late night visits. not even an option, from either passenger. just lending my two ears, and inhaling deeply. and this euphemism feels old, and stupid now. so comforting.

life reminds me who not to be like. what to achieve, and what to avoid. and already these words seem to run out, without a point. not even worth questioning.

but what id like to tell you
im too shy. too unsure. so maybe i can reword the events. maybe i can just say it. maybe.

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innamorata said...

i like rollercoasters. but..i like the ones that give you butterflies. not the ones that make you scream.