Thursday, January 24, 2008

biscuits and roller skating

yesterday i made biscuits and gravy upon request.

they were delicious.

i think ill do it again. for you maybe.

then we saw American Gangster again. i love that movie. and i love denzel. andrew says he can really relate to that movie and he's glad they made a movie he can identify with. because he most definitely would shoot a man in the head off pac highway, across from the village inn.

last night, after the movie, we went to kelsey and scott's place for drinks and board games. have you ever played "in a pickle?" i suck at that game because i can never form logic out of mouth. so, all i do is laugh about my irrational explanations that make me sound and feel stupid. but i still like it.

note to self: always buy Skyy vanilla vodka, not absolut. because it's cheaper and surprisingly goes down much smoother. plus the bottles are pretty.

today im in an hour early to work. because i couldnt stop a bus from getting in an accident on the freeway last thursday. three left lanes were blocked. so im being punished. but im sticking it to the man and by sitting here typing this while im clocked on.

tonight we're going to a skating rink with his family. im really excited. i plan on wearing a dress with flower print on it. it's too big for me, but a new dress that's only eight dollars makes me think it looks wonderful on me. it has a brooch on the cheaply made strap, so it makes me feel like im wearing an eight dollar vintage dress. when i skate i want to go really fast so i make my own wind. then my dress will trail behind me, and hug the rest of my body. and i think that sounds pretty.


flysouth said...

youre not stupid, and the skating rink was really funny, i dont know if you saw but i did jump over a little kid who had fallen down... i cant believe how close we were to running into that car today. you were pretty at skating! you were right!

sarah russell said...

way to stick it to the man and get paid for it.

i dig.