Friday, January 25, 2008

king county metro, my love.



catch a light

give it some gas

would you just turn over

not again. please. not again.

here we go again. hello world.

im here to share the cold with you.

ah hell. my car broke down. that term sounds much more dramatic than i think my case is. but it did stop working. we're thinking it's the starter... please, just be the starter.

well, the metro and i are making friends again. i forgot how thought provoking it can be. sitting for so long in the same spot; thinking about getting to your destination that will be much warmer than public transit; listening to people talk on the bus... it still baffles me how often random people will spark up conversation on the bus. the crazies, most of the time. but not all the time. i do admit to sharing words with people on the bus. though, i mostly just stare out the window thinking of what i could write about from each route, each transfer. i kind of feel like it's stealing. stealing peoples' lives and words. but it's so worth it. and i'd like to think they want their story to be told.

today a lady on the bus would not stop talking. a man told her he would pay her to stop talking. but i dont know if i believe him, because he chose to sit by her.
she said "how much," then paused for a good five seconds and said, "suck it." she talked the rest of the ride.

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